A place created by children
the project of creating a school yard
In 2012, a unique school of its kind opened in Kaluga, providing world-class education. Small classes, a diverse program that includes languages, sports and music, and high-quality education make Kaluga International School truly unique.

Here, children from 3 years and older learn to overcome the language barrier. In addition to Russian and English, French and German are taught here. Along with the implementation of the international baccalaureate program in primary schools, the FSES program is being implemented.
"Project School" took place for one week, at Kaluga International School, children from 8-16 years old participated in it. A rich program, which included speakers from around the world, unusual tasks and a non-standard approach to learning. This developed creativity and the ability to work in a team. The individual approach of the teachers allowed the children to go beyond the limits of standard education and encouraged the children to think widely and creatively. In addition, the children made new friends with other students and guest speakers.
Stage 1
On the first day, the participants got to know each other and the mentors of the project and then started setting goals. The mentors held a group session, during which the students examined the architectural forms of different eras. After the break, the students met with our art experts: Mariana Karysheva and Pavel Gladkov, who conducted an interactive lesson on the design of park areas.
Stage 2
On the second day, the participants got acquainted with Leta Dobrovolskaya. She spoke about how to move from the idea to the implementation of the project. Also during this day, the participants went through several important stages: design thinking, empathy map, interviews, focus, experimentation.
Stage 3
The third day began with a tour of the grounds. The participants came up with a plan and got acquainted in detail with the area of the school's backyard. Then they had a meeting on Zoom with Ksenia Adjubei, where they visited an art park in Sicily in real time. Then Anna, a graphic designer, came to the school. She talked about creating a website, how to package an idea and design it correctly. Now the participants know what a landing page is, where and how you can create your own website, and what a blog is.
Stage 4
On the fourth day, the participants had a meeting in Zoom with Ksenia Davydova, where they discussed creating 3D models and which materials are better to use. Then they went to the ART room, where they began to actually make their own 3D models of their designs. The participants were divided into several teams, each of which was responsible for its own zone. At the end of the day, the models that each team made were combined together into one large layout.
Created a website
We have created a one-page website that talks about the project.
Created a layout
In 2 hours, we turned all our ideas into reality and created a mock-up of the school's backyard.
We presented our ideas to our customers
After preparing several project ideas, we presented our project to our customers.
Project Gallery
What will be the result?
At the end of the project, the students' vision of the school grounds include:

1)a skate park where children can skate on skateboards
2) an obstacle course and a maze of bushes, where children can have fun and engage in various active games
3) a outdoor cinema, where you can watch various educational and entertaining films
4) a children's area where younger children can safely play
5) an art space for exhibitions, including a recreational area with hammocks, an outdoor library
6)a children's cafe where children will be able to sit, relax, read books, or eat there
7)a vegetable garden where children can grow berries, various flowers and plants. This will inspire children's interests in biology or to try something new.

Marcie Stone
Daria Kutuzova
Dmitry Zemskov
Project curators
Olga Glumova
Eugene Zhazhin
Marina Rukhova
Anna Telganova
Ekaterina Antonova

Artist, expert
Valentina Moschalkova
Leta Dobrovolskaya
Anna Zinovieva
Graphic designer, expert
Pavel Gladkov
Architect, expert
Architect, expert
Mariana Karysheva
Maria Lysenko
Project organizer, customer
Architect, expert, organizer
Ksenia Davydova
Ksenia Adjubey
Architect, expert
School director, project organizer, customer
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